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Let us introduce you to, Yeydi, a graduate of the 90-Day program. Prior to this program, she had tried numerous weight loss plans and while she had some minor success, was never able to keep off the lost weight.

After completing the Ciccone Wellness’ Weight Loss program, she has developed a different perspective on food and its purpose, regained her self-confidence both mentally and physically, created a new relationship with food, and reestablished self-control. She controls her food choices; food no longer has control over her.


She’s glowing and feeling absolutely amazing! She is no longer suffering from heartburn, headaches, neck and back pain, inflammation, dizziness, shortness of breath, and fatigue, and has had ZERO gallbladder flare-ups since starting the program! She experiences lots of clean energy, better sleep, and clear skin.

This has been life-changing for her and we feel lucky to have had the opportunity to see her success first-hand. She is now equipped with the knowledge and tools to maintain her success.

Read Yeydi’s personal weight testimonial here: http://w5v.2b0.myftpupload.com/yeydi-jimenez-wellness-journey/


Audra is your typical lifetime athlete who has always felt the urge to be better, stronger, lighter, and faster—This is a great mentality to have, but it often comes with the feeling that food is the enemy, and the scale is its punishment. But what are you supposed to do when the diet and exercise routines that have always worked for you no longer do, or when spending three hours in the gym is no longer possible?

Try something NEW!

Audra was convinced that this program wasn’t going to work because she’s tried “everything.” After weeks of making small changes, rewiring her mindset, and allowing her body to heal, I’m happy to report that she is exactly where she has always hoped she would be.

What started out as a mission to lose weight has turned into a journey for optimal health. Audra has worked extremely hard to create a healthy relationship with food, exercise, and the scale. I could not be prouder of her physical progress on the 90-day program, but her mental transformation is what will be most memorable!

Here are her stats:

In addition to her size and scale victories, she experiences less anxiety, mood swings, and back/neck pain. She’s never going back to her old ways!


Our long-time patient, Kerry, completed the 90-Day Program and met her goals and more!

She no longer suffers with heartburn, gastrointestinal discomfort, foot pain, fatigue, or inflammation, and her energy level has increased. She has kicked her sugar cravings, and her perspective and relationship with food has completely changed. She is leaving the program in complete control of her food choices and with the knowledge and personalized plan to maintain her results.

Are you inspired? Reach out to us to speak with us about our program and how it can help you achieve the life and health you deserve.


“I wasn’t sure what to expect from the Ciccone Weight Loss Program. The first week was a huge learning curve on how and why the program works. It was initially a bit of a struggle while my body adjusted to only receiving whole and natural foods and detoxing from the processed and artificial foods I was ingesting, but once I passed that hurdle, I found a rhythm with meal planning and prep. If I have one piece of advice, it is to set yourself up for success and use all of the tools and suggestions this program recommends. This works if YOU work with it. In 90 days I lost 25 lbs. I love that I not only lost weight but gained some education on healthier food choices and alternatives and this has helped me keep the weight off.

I had some pretty incredible non-scale wins, too! I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and high cholesterol in my early 20s. (I am genetically predisposed to both.) After just 6 weeks on the program, I had my first normal reading of blood pressure in many years (even with medication). I also had my labs come back with cholesterol levels in the normal range. I have struggled to achieve that on my own for over a decade. And lastly, being in law enforcement, my duty belt takes a huge toll on my back and hips and causes daily pain. Losing the extra pounds has provided relief and made each day more comfortable for me physically. I plan to continue using all of my learned tools to maintain my goal weight and enjoy my new improved health and body. 


Tara came to us with a primary focus on achieving optimal health. She is a breast cancer survivor and wanted to make healing her body a priority. The trauma from cancer had caused a lot of inflammation throughout her entire body and she suffered from headaches, back pain, high blood pressure, anxiety, fatigue, and hot flashes.

We spent just as much time helping Tara understand why she was feeling the way she was as we did on understanding the methods of healing. Through each phase, Tara was able to apply what she was learning and see the impact it had on her body. When asked what she felt made this program different she said “It’s life-changing! I feel like I’m in total control.” She also shared that she really enjoyed testing different foods and that she was surprised by how much her taste buds had changed.

Throughout the 90 days, Tara gradually lost weight and within two weeks she was sleeping better and felt more energized. Overall, she dropped 5 pants sizes, lost 4 inches on her thighs, and all of her pains and negative symptoms are either completely gone or have decreased dramatically. She lost almost 30 pounds and can now shop confidently for healthy foods. Her entire family is now eating healthier and she’s excited to pass on her healthy habits and mindset to her children.


Doreen completed the 90-Day Ciccone Wellness’ Weight Loss Program and lost 33lbs! 
She not only looks great but she feels great, too! Her energy level is amazing and at 70 she is now biking 6-7 miles per day! 

She has absolutely loved her weight loss journey and the non-scale victories have been huge for her. She has tried numerous programs prior and although she was able to lose the weight, keeping it off was where she struggled. She now feels confident in the lessons learned from the program, including what works for her body and what doesn’t. She is now equipped to continue to work the program to lose the remaining 5lbs to her personal goal weight. What’s the best part!? The program taught her how to maintain that goal weight while still living and enjoying food! For the first time, she feels completely in control of her body. 

It has been a pleasure to witness Doreen’s journey first-hand. This is why our coaches enjoy their job so much and they genuinely celebrate their patients’ victories. 

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Meet Latisha—she came to us with severe joint pain, very low energy, and her weight was creeping up despite her efforts to keep it off.

Over the 90-day program, not only has her joint pain gone away, but she is now sleeping better and has “legit energy!” In addition to all those amazing benefits, she also lost 45lbs! She went from a size 22 to a size 16. Her skin is glowing and she’s back to living an active lifestyle.

The most important part of her story is that she will never go backwards. We worked together to change her body, habits, and mindset, and now she knows what works for her and what doesn’t.

She doesn’t have to follow fad diets, count calories, or deprive herself of cake at birthday parties. She has the keys to continued health and weight loss!

Here’s what helped Latisha:

She had incredible results with the program, and you will too!

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Where do we start with this client?! Cathy has been a beloved patient of ours for many years and we knew she would see amazing results with our weight loss program. Cathy, however, is also the biggest skeptic I know—her first thoughts and words were, “This likely will not work,” but she trusted me enough to try it anyway. I am happy to report that she is now a full-blown believer, and her commitment and hard work have paid off. She is a graduate of the 90-day program and can proudly boast the following stats:

More important than any of these stats though, is that she is sleeping better, feeling better, and just living her best life! Two weeks after graduating, she’s maintaining her weight using everything she has learned about her body along the way. Thank you, Cathy, for trusting us and giving yourself this gift! 

You can read Cathy’s full testimonial for her program here: 

--Cathy Otocka

Hello, my name is Rhea Harkins, a proud graduate of Ciccone Wellness’s 6-week Anti-inflammatory Program. I first heard about this program from a FaceBook post featuring Dr. Dennis. He was speaking about Thyroid issues and how they are overlooked and often just treated with medications without finding the root causes. Other symptoms mentioned were trouble sleeping, low energy issues, and chronic pain. My immediate response was “Is this guy talking directly to me?”. I spent time listening to each of his podcasts and knew immediately this was exactly what was happening to me in my own life.

I am a 57-year-old woman, I present healthy to the common eye, however, I have consistently complained over the years to doctors about extreme exhaustion, chronic aches and pains, stubborn weight gain, one failed diet after the other (and I’ve tried every one of them), horrible sleep at night and needing a nap during the day. My final scare was being diagnosed with sleep apnea! No way was I going to wear one of those monster masks! I was scared that if I felt this bad now, what was I going to be like in another year? I’m too young to feel this old!

After meeting with Tieva, I was hooked. I was determined this was going to be my LAST ditch effort to save my life, take control back and stay accountable to myself. No one else had my best intentions more than I did.

To say I was a little intimidated at first is an understatement. I had trips planned, social events to go to, and friends to see. I was already nervous about how I was going to handle it all, thinking I had to deprive myself of all things happy. I did it, with absolutely no problem. I kept my WHY FIRST AND FORMOST, and it was the KEY TO MY SUCCESS! The TRUTHs came a little humbling, but the WHYs just got more and more intense to me as I focused on healing my body, realizing what’s most important in my life, and how I want to continue living my life.

I found that at the end of the day, I felt satisfied and fulfilled with the foods I was eating and couldn’t believe how great all foods tasted, appreciating the flavors more.

The Coaching aspect was also absolutely key to success, having accountability, pep talks, and talking me off the edge of disappointments led me to believe in myself and not worry about fluctuations but rather to look at them as a tool to figure out what my body needed next. The FaceBook Support Group is equally amazing! All participants are either in the program or graduates. Everyone supports each other and helps with encouraging words or amazing recipes. It is an amazing compliment to the program itself.

During my time in the program, I encountered MANY obstacles. I broke my right foot, took 3 vacations, and was hospitalized for a blood issue, all within 6 weeks, and yet, I STAYED ON PROGRAM, was STILL successful, and lost over 17 lbs! When they tell you that you’ll never worry about going on vacation, regaining weight, or depriving yourself of birthday cake, or celebrating any way you chose, believe it! It’s all true! I will never have to even think about what to do as long as I know what day of the week it is, I’m golden. If I forget that, then I have bigger problems ahead. LOL

Do this for yourself, YOU’RE WORTH IT!

--Rhea Harkins

“Let’s talk about how a little goes a long way!

This is Zenaida and she recently completed our six-week program. Her goal was to lose 10lbs and lower her A1C’s to reduce her risk of diabetes. She was able to accomplish BOTH goals, along with a few others.

All accomplished in 42 days!

More importantly, she has kept the weight off and now has all the tools needed to determine her future health. We truly enjoyed having her in one of our wellness programs and look forward to updates on her future success!”


France is a long-time wellness patient of ours and health has always been her top priority. She recently came to us wanting to lose some weight that she has been struggling with, improve her sleep, and get relief from her hot flashes.

After identifying her goal weight and discussing some lifestyle changes, we decided that the 6-week program was the best fit for her. Fran not only hit her goal weight, but she surpassed it. She lost 16 pounds, she’s sleeping better, and her hot flashes no longer disrupt her life. 

Here are some additional stats from her program:


Daisy is a recent graduate of our weight loss program and is leaving the program 22 lbs lighter and infinitely healthier.
In addition to losing the weight she wanted, she also lowered her A1C’s to 6.5 and no longer suffers from back pain, headaches, or anxiety. She has dropped 2 pant sizes and now has more energy to do all the things she loves! It’s been great watching Daisy experiment with new foods and testing foods that are beloved in her culture to see how her body responds.
Daisy will leave the program with several useful new tools in her tool belt, including a new understanding of balance—she can easily balance her diet with the foods she loves and the foods that help her body maintain her work. It has been such a pleasure being part of her journey and we look forward to updates on her future success!


Maria has been a long-time wellness patient and wanted to add weight loss to her list of things she was doing for herself. During her 90-day program, she was able to lose over 50 pounds. 
Prior to starting, Maria struggled with standing for short periods of time and experienced shortness of breath, headaches, stiffness, pain in her feet, and anxiety—all of which have either completely resolved or dramatically decreased as a result of our program. Her body fat went from 63.8 down to 48.1, her subcutaneous fat went from 54.4 down to 41.7 and her visceral fat went from 27.0 to 17! 
Along the way, Maria has learned which fats and carbs actually help her lose weight and which foods she must balance in order to maintain. We are so excited to continue to watch Maria thrive and do more of the things she loves, like dancing!


Kelly is a long-time wellness patient and a six-week weight loss program graduate. During her short time on the program, she was able to lose 13 pounds! More importantly, she developed a new relationship with food that will help her keep the weight off; she now knows exactly which fats and nutrient-dense carbs are burners for her, and which ones she should avoid (this is different for everyone!).

Kelly achieved her goal weight, lost 4 inches on her waist, 2 inches on her hips, and 1 inch in her chest, neck, and arms! My favorite part of Kelly’s journey is that when we first met to discuss the program she said, “Nothing seems to work anymore,” and I’m so glad she gave us a chance to change that statement.


Barbara is a recent graduate of the 90-day program. She came to us not only to lose weight but, but to find long-term solutions for a healthier life. Barbara, like most of our clients, had tried several different programs in the past with little or no satisfaction. During her time in our program, she was able to identify foods that helped her lose weight and created balance in her life. This allowed her to keep the weight off and enjoy the things that she loves.
Prior to starting, Barbara suffered from heartburn almost daily. By week two, when asked about the heartburn, her response was, “What heartburn? I forgot I even had it.” When asked about what made this program different from the rest, she said, “It’s so easy to follow when you have a coach. It keeps you accountable until it becomes a lifestyle. I felt supported and there was zero guessing involved or trying to figure things like ‘plateau’ out on my own. The coaches have it all already figured out for you!”
Barbara also shared that her favorite part of the program was that she never felt hungry. There was no stress of counting calories or measuring serving sizes—she could just eat until she was full! Barbara also shared that her entire family has embraced this healthy change.
During her 90 days on the program, she lost a total of 40 pounds and all of her stats dropped!
She lost 7 inches on her waist, 8 inches on her hips, 5 ½ on her thighs, and 6 inches just on her chest.
To other people considering the program, Barbara said, “Just do it. Take the leap and you’ll come out on the other side feeling like a completely different person!”

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Maria came to us quite skeptical. Like most of our clients, she has had great success in the past losing weight but keeping it off has been an issue. During our initial call, I shared with her that, unlike other programs, we will learn what works best for her body together. Once we have that information, she can apply it long after the program ends to help her maintain her success. She would be in full control of her body and her weight.

Today, Maria is enjoying the feeling of being both happy and healthy! Her favorite part of the program was having a coach to eliminate all the guesswork. Whether it was sending over a label to see if an item is approved or asking for help choosing the best options from a restaurant menu, Maria liked not having to go it alone. She also felt more confident starting the program when she heard about the guarantee. She knew her coach was committed to hitting the agreed-upon goal and that we were in it together.

During the 90-day program, Maria lost a total of 32 pounds and dropped 5 points off her body fat, 5 points off her subcutaneous fat, and 6 points off her visceral fat.

We are so happy and thankful that she took a leap of faith and joined us for her health and wellness journey!


Tracey reached out to the Ciccone Wellness Center after struggling to lose the 30+ pounds she gained. A few of her friends had immense success with our program and after seeing their results and knowing their weight loss struggles, she found hope that she would also achieve her weight loss and wellness goals. And she did! Over the course of 90 days, Tracey lost 30 pounds, decreased her BMI by 4.5 points, her body fat by 7.1, her visceral fat by 4, and lost 5 years off her metabolic age!

Before starting the program, Tracey didn’t understand why she wasn’t losing weight despite her attempts. After completing the food testing portion of the program, she learned which foods caused her inflammation and weight gain and this made it clear what was causing her weight gain and her inability to shed the pounds. She also learned which foods helped her lose weight and now has a better understanding of how and what to eat. She also learned a system to continue losing or maintaining her current weight. She feels in control, happy with her current results, and confident she can continue to her goal weight.

We asked Tracey a few exit questions on her program graduation day and this is what she had to say:

What are your most significant takeaways from the program?

I feel I have a much better understanding of my body and what it needs. Decreasing inflammation and focusing on fueling my body with what it loves is such a healthier way to live. Knowing I have a support system should I ever need it is also huge.

If you were telling a family member that was struggling with inflammation and weight gain-what would you say about the program and your journey?

Definitely do it!!! So many people have tried fad diets, pills, shakes, etc with no results it’s time to invest in yourself and get your health back!

On a scale of 1-10 what number accurately describes your experience with us?

10+ Malory you have been amazing, patient, and never gave up or got frustrated even with all my challenges! I truly appreciate you and thank you from the bottom of my heart for being my rock! I am going to miss our check-ins. It’s a bittersweet feeling. I’m so happy I graduated from the program but will really miss you. Thank you so much for everything!


Let’s talk about having Faith! Faith came to us looking for a lifetime solution to health and weight loss. Like most of our clients, she has tried multiple programs and diets but has never found one that helped her create a healthy lifestyle.
Clients always start out with skepticism, and understandably so. There are so many plans on the market that promise weight loss, detoxing, increased energy, and so on, but we didn’t make these promises to Faith—we promised her that we would help to heal her body, and the rest would come.
We wanted to keep her body’s individual needs at the forefront. Our goal was to discover the foods that would actually heal her body, while also working to help her burn fat. Weight loss is just one component among all the other benefits.
We wanted to get Faith’s metabolism back to working the way it was always intended to. During her 90-day program, we tested healthy fats, carbs, and sugars to see what her body would burn as fuel and what her body would store as fat. Based on our results, Faith was able to create meals that she knew would nourish and fuel her body, and she now has the keys to controlling inflammation, keeping her weight where she wants it, and no longer letting food dictate her life. She is in total control!
During Faith’s program, she was able to drop almost 40 pounds. Her body fat dropped 9.9 points, her subcutaneous fat dropped 8 points, and her visceral fat dropped 6 points! All of these numbers are extremely important for living a long healthy life. In addition to these stats, Faith has more energy and confidence and has transformed into someone capable of maintaining everything she has learned through the program. Working with her has been an absolute pleasure, and I’m excited about her future!


Out of all the clients that I’ve ever worked with, Damaris’s journey will be a memorable one for sure.

She came to us initially because her sister Daisy had completed our 90-day program with great success. Both Damaris and her mom attended one of our live events and both hesitantly signed up for our free new-patient appointment.

I clearly remember the utter lack of hope that she had during that first visit. Damaris had lost weight in the past by doing dramatic, unsustainable weight loss plans that involved excessive hours in the gym and unhealthy eating habits. I explained to Damaris that her failure to keep the weight off wasn’t her fault—the programs that she was doing set her up for failure. If something starts off extreme and it works, that means you must maintain that level of extremity for it to continue to work, and that’s just not realistic or healthy.

What I wanted to teach Damaris was that foods can actually help her reach her weight loss goals—that there are healthy ways to eat and not feel deprived while the scale moves in the right direction. As she lost weight each passing week, I could see a lightness in her face—a look of hope and excitement that had not been there before.

During her 90-day program, she lost 42 pounds! Her lengthy list of initial complaints included high blood pressure, heartburn, daily headaches, stiffness, and loss of balance—all these symptoms have since gone away completely or dropped significantly. She also shared with me that for the first time in a long time, she can actually do activities without losing her breath. When I asked her what her favorite part of the program was, she said, “I could actually eat food that I enjoy, and I loved that there was no measuring or calorie counting.” She also shared that she enjoyed learning how to eat and discovering which foods work for her body. When asked what she would like to share with anyone considering the program she said, “No one can be more skeptical than me, but I tried it and was surprised from day one!”

Damaris still has additional goals that she would like to hit since graduating and has decided to keep the coaching after graduating to make sure she has someone to help remove the guesswork as she starts to introduce exercise.

Thank you for being a part of our program and trusting me as a coach!

--Damaris L

Melissa came to us wanting to lose a small amount of weight, but more importantly, she wanted to address the inflammation in her body. In her words, she was suffering from “incredible lower back pain.” She would wake up in pain and would suffer for days at a time with no relief. Her ankles and knuckles felt like they constantly needed to be cracked. Melissa also said that her bloating was so severe that by the end of each day, she looked and felt like she was six months pregnant. During her 90-day program, she was able to lose 17 pounds, identify foods that supported her efforts, and identify (and limit) inflammatory foods that work against her efforts.

Today Melissa is free of back pain, she no longer feels the need to crack her knuckles, and her bloating is GONE. Her latest blood work showed that her inflammation was cut in half!

Melissa is such a great example of how you can be active (she’s a tennis player), eat healthily, and do all the things you believe to be good for you and still not get the results you want. What’s healthy for one body might be inflammatory for another—our job is to help you find out exactly what works for you to achieve long-term results. I truly enjoyed coaching Melissa and I’m so happy to add her to our lifetime wellness family!


Rebecca is a long-time patient who joined our weight loss program because she felt it was time to start focusing on herself and her health. She wants to be the healthiest version of herself to enjoy her upcoming retirement. Her goal was to improve her quality of life and reduce her need for medications. After completing her program, she is now off her blood pressure and reflux medication and is a weight she hasn’t been in decades. Not only did she hit those goals, but she also achieved numerous more!

Rebecca’s family supported her and followed the program with her, preparing and eating the same meals together. This environment of additional support and encouragement allowed her boyfriend to lose 60 lbs and her daughter to lose 30+ lbs! Combined, they lost 135 lbs! Together they learned how to make healthier choices, understand the ingredients in food products, how to heal their guts and bodies, and how each food affected them individually. They each feel confident and prepared to continue their weight loss journeys. Rebecca is now more excited for her days of retirement and about the doors her new health has opened for her to live her best life!


Her stats:

I’m not sure we’ve ever had a client gain a glow quite like Rosa! When we first met Rosa, she was frustrated with her weight and her hip pain—she wanted to move and feel like the person she knew she was on the inside.

During Rosa’s journey, she went from feeling frustrated to enjoying learning about her body and fully embracing her new way of eating. For her, the program started as something she had to do to lose weight but became something she wanted to do because she was seeing and feeling the results.

Rosa lost 27 pounds, hit her goal weight, and her hip pain is completely gone. Her weight loss and pain relief have allowed her to be more active in her workouts, pushing her health goals even further. In addition to those amazing benefits, she is feeling much more relaxed and sleeping better than ever.

I love seeing clients transform through our process and seeing Rosa’s glow-up was one of the most rewarding parts! It’s amazing what feeling good did for her mindset, confidence, and determination. I will miss coaching Rosa, but I know she has all the tools she needs to maintain what she’s worked so hard for.

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Sharon has been our long-time client who has taken advantage of many of our services, so I was very excited when she decided to join our weight loss program.

During our initial consult, Sharon’s primary concerns were losing weight, gaining more energy, and lessening her aches and pains. We agreed on what would be a healthy amount of weight for her to lose in 90 days and then we established a plan to achieve that goal.

During the three phases of the program, Sharon was able to detox her body, find fats and foods that her body reacts positively to, and create a new mindset that will help her maintain what she has worked so hard for.

Over the 90 days, she was able to lose 40 pounds, significantly lessen her aches and pains, and dramatically improve her energy levels.

She shared with me that she never felt deprived during the program, and she now feels confident that the results are sustainable because she has all of the tools she needs to successfully keep the weight off and lose additional weight if she wants to.

When I asked her what her biggest takeaway from the program was, she said, “I have done lots of programs in the past and I am leaving here with no fear of gaining it all back.”

It has been such a pleasure to coach Sharon, and I look forward to her continued success!


How did a busy nurse manage to lose 33 pounds in 90 days?

Karin came to us as a referral and let us know right away that she was a self-proclaimed “picky eater” and a “carb girl.” She was apprehensive about giving up her beloved pasta and cheese! Right away I assured her that there is a place for everything in this program, even pasta and cheese (eventually), and that we would make sure that she knew exactly where and when that was.

One of the great parts of this program is that clients see results on day two when they step on the scale. Those results encourage the skeptical, the picky, and everyone in between. It wasn’t long before Karin was completely on board. During the first 10 days, she had dropped 8 pounds and continued to lose consistently throughout the 90 days. And even more importantly, she was learning life-altering habits along the way.

During her first 20 days, she learned that she could in fact lose weight, even though she had struggled in the past. In the next 20 days, we tested different fats to see which ones her body would burn as fuel—these discoveries are essential in supporting sustainable weight loss. In the final phase, we experimented with all the foods she loved prior to starting the program and tracked how her body responded.

Prior to graduating, Karin was able to successfully apply all the tools she had gained throughout the process and demonstrated that she could move the scale in any direction she chose—she was finally in the driver’s seat.

During our last coaching session, I asked Karin what her biggest takeaway was, and she said, “Control over my body. I know what I’m putting in my mouth and the impact that it has. I’m so much more aware!” She also shared that prior to the program she had lots of potatoes on hand and now her fridge is filled with all kinds of veggies! Her husband has also enjoyed the new menu and healthy changes.

Karin lost a total of 33 pounds and dropped from a size 12-14 to a size 8.

She feels physically better, is more active, and feels the most confident she’s felt in years. She is eager to share the program with friends and other women in her age bracket to give them hope.

If you’re inspired by Karin’s story, please contact us below or attend one of our free Wellness events!


Kristin came to us looking for improvement in her overall health. She was suffering from frequent headaches, dry skin, fatigue, and hot flashes, and she wanted to lose about 15 pounds. Being a breast cancer survivor was a driving factor for her decision to try something completely different to achieve optimal health.

During our 90 days, we focused on eliminating inflammation, allowing the body to heal, and testing foods to reveal a diet specifically curated to support her mission. When we have clients like Kristin who are more focused on health as opposed to losing weight, it allows us more time to work on mindset and education. It also gives us more time to work on plateauing at the goal weight, and therefore setting a window of fluctuation of no more than two to three pounds.

During Kristin’s time on the program, she lost a total of 20 pounds, her energy has increased, her skin is better, the headaches are completely gone, and hot flashes are a rare occasion.

She even went on vacation and lost weight! She said she feels better than ever and will be referring people to us, as she is 100% behind this program.

It’s been such a pleasure to be part of Kristin’s recovery and I look forward to seeing what other great things are to come for her!


I’m excited to share the inspiring weight loss journey of Dan Dorval. He and his family have been patients of ours for many years. He committed to the 90-day program and set a goal to lose at least 50 pounds and keep it off. He has had success losing weight in the past, but it was never long-lived.

Dan was a joy to coach because he followed the program so closely—even when it didn’t make sense to him, he trusted the process and stuck with it. You can imagine that as an engineer, it was no easy task for Dan to follow a path that defied the logic that he knew to be true, but we’re so grateful that he did because his results are truly incredible.

He lost a total of 54 pounds, his visceral fat level dropped from 22 to 15, and his subcutaneous fat level from 36.3 to 26.5. 

More than this, he plans to maintain these changes and build them into his daily life so he can live his healthiest, happiest life and serve as a good example for his family.

Through this process, he gained a much better understanding of how many foods affect his body and how to leverage them for the best results. This is what makes this program so different—it was specific to Dan. Now he has all the tools in his tool belt to keep his hard-earned results.

Keep up the great work Dan! We look forward to watching your continued long-term success.

--Dan Dorval

Danielle has been a long-time wellness patient that finally decided to take the plunge and partake in our anti-inflammatory weight loss program. When I first sat down with Danielle to review the program and build our plan, I could tell that she was a “been there, done that” kind of girl, and even owned a t-shirt that proudly boasted “DIETER”!

She was extremely knowledgeable, had a house full of healthy food, and knew just as much as I did about reading labels. However, she was still struggling to figure out her “health puzzle.” Even with all her knowledge, she was not losing weight and was frustrated by recent gains despite her efforts. She had the right attitude for weight loss—she just needed the right tools.

During her first nine days on the program, she was able to drop 10 pounds while also consuming more food than she had in the past.

At 23 days in, she was down 20 pounds and starting to trust the process. At forty days in, she was already 30 pounds lighter and fully in control of her body and weight.

By the end of her 90 days program, Danielle lost just under 50 pounds.

She has improved her cholesterol and A1C’s, she no longer suffers from weekly headaches, she’s sleeping SO much better, and most importantly, she has gained the tools, knowledge, and confidence needed to continue to lose weight and maintain her goal weight when she gets there.

I can’t wait to see Danielle hit even more goals and I’ll be right beside her celebrating every step of the way!

We are so proud of her for making the decision to change her life and join our team. If you or someone you know would like more information about our program, please comment below or email us at [email protected].


Sarah came to us looking to change the way she eats, but she ended up changing so much more. In just 90 days, she has made significant improvements to her lifestyle and her family’s overall health.

Sarah had worked with a nutritionist before, but nothing ever really clicked for her. She knew she wanted to eat healthy, but she also wanted to have a better understanding of her body’s individual needs. When I first sat down with Sarah she said, “I’ve tried weight watchers, Noom, Keto, and Ideal Protein. I’ve always seen results because I’m committed, but it’s never been sustainable.” She also complained about experiencing low energy and frequent headaches.

During the 90-day program, Sarah was able to identify 20 plus foods that actually helped her lose weight, discovered meals that her entire family enjoys, and developed a long-term strategy that fits her lifestyle and supports her goals. 

Sarah lost a total of 28 pounds, dropped below her initial goal weight, and practiced gaining and losing weight to ensure that she has the tools necessary to sustain what she had worked so hard for.

When asked if there was anything in particular that she wanted to share about her journey she said, “My headaches are gone, I have more energy, and I feel 100% confident that I am in control now. This is exactly what I had been searching for this entire time.” She also shared that this has been a complete reset for her entire family, and now they actually prefer eating at home versus going out for dinner all the time.

Since graduating, Sarah now finds that she’s actually craving whole foods! We have truly enjoyed watching this family embrace all of these healthy changes and look forward to seeing their continued success. As with all our clients, we will stay connected and will continue to support her journey! 


Donna came to us looking for a long-term solution for weight loss. She had been successful in a lot of programs in the past over the short term but struggled maintaining the loss long term. Donna also shared that she had been struggling with heartburn often

During our 90 days together, we focused more on finding food combinations that worked in her favor along with creating tools that would help her control the number on the scale. Within just a couple of weeks, Donna’s heartburn was gone, and she was well on her way to hitting her goal weight!

Donna completed the 90-day program losing a total of 23 lbs. She surpassed her initial goal weight and has continued to lose. I checked in with Donna after graduating, and she shared that she’s still going strong and that there are still temptations, but she knows the program works, and she has the tools needed to stay on top!

We love having Donna as part of our wellness team and look forward to future updates!

--Donna D.

Donna came to us as many others do, frustrated, skeptical and lacking hope. It’s easy for us coaches to see the potential because we’ve seen the program work over and over and over so our confidence with new clients is always high. I knew Donna would do well and I knew I could show her the same with a little time.

When I first met Donna she said, “I have tried every diet” and she had. Right there on her intake was a list of all the big-name diets. She said she would start out great and then get discouraged or she would lose weight only to gain it all back and then some.

During our 90 days together, Donna was able to test healthy fats and nutrient dense carbs to help find foods that would actually support her mission. She also learned to lean on her coach when she had questions or concerns. We focused our attention on the importance of healing the body first and weight loss second. With Donna being a nurse, this made a lot of sense to her, and she started to see that this wasn’t just a weight loss program but instead we were undoing years of damage!

Donna suffered from the following when she started on day one:

  • Shortness of breath
  • Stomach issues
  • Headaches 3-4 times per week
  • Skin issues
  • Poor sleep
  • Hot flashes

I’m so happy to report that all of those symptoms are either completely gone or dramatically decreased or improved. In addition, she has some recent test done and her A1cs and cholesterol have also improved! Oh, and she lost 30 lbs. and now has the tools to continue to lose weight to hit her goal and then maintain her efforts.

We feel so fortunate that Donna chose to give our program a chance and we love having her as a part of our lifetime wellness team!

--Donna O.

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