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We have an arsenal of non-invasive tests to get you answers for your health concerns — from X-rays for chiropractic purposes to Food Allergy Testing to determine which foods are causing inflammation in your intestines. We give you a blueprint in understanding what your body needs in order to function at its best.

Here are the tests that we utilize:

The Alcat Test by Cell Science System

The Alcat Test is the most reliable food sensitivity test in the industry. The Alcat Test is a leukocyte activation test that analyzes direct, immediate, pro-inflammatory cellular responses of the innate immune system.

Comprehensive Stool Analysis & Parasitology from Doctor’s Data

Comprehensive Stool Analysis & Parasitology (CSAP) from Doctor’s Data is the resource we utilize to locate the damage and infections that have occured in your body. The CSAP profile helps us determine why you are experiencing gastrointestinal symptoms, either chronic or mild. It then gives us the tools to find the key markers of digestion, absorption and inflammation, so that we may move on to the healing process.

DUTCH Complete Hormone Test

Did you know… when many doctors order a hormone test, they are not testing for every hormone? The DUTCH Complete Hormone Test is different in this regard, because it tests a greater number of hormones in the body compared to other tests in the industry. Our patients have seen great results using this test; allowing them to locate the toxin, remove it, and heal the damage.