Where Are They Now? Installment 8: Interview with Sharon

Ciccone Wellness Center

Sharon before and after weight loss at 4 months

Where Are They Now? Installment 8: Interview with Sharon

Reflecting on Her Weight Loss Journey

In this edition of “Where Are They Now?”, we catch up with Sharon, a patient who embarked on a transformative weight loss journey with our wellness center. Joining us is Tieva, her dedicated Weight Loss Coach, as they delve into Sharon’s experiences since completing the 90-Day Program. It’s been an inspiring four months since Sharon graduated, and we were eager to learn about the positive changes she has integrated into her lifestyle. From embracing new habits to shedding dress sizes, and embracing newfound vitality, Sharon’s story is a testament to the power of determination and commitment. In this insightful interview, Sharon shares the key components she’s carried forward post-graduation, discusses the incredible shifts in her well-being and mobility, and offers advice to those facing similar struggles.

Tieva: Hello Sharon, it’s great to have you back for this post-program interview. I’m excited to hear about your experiences since graduating. How long has it been since you completed your program?

Sharon: Hello, Tieva! It’s been four months since I completed my 90-Day Program.

Tieva: It’s hard to believe it’s been four months already! Now, let’s talk about the components you’ve continued to embrace after graduation. Could you share with us what you’ve kept from the program?

Sharon: Absolutely. I’ve continued with the vitality drink, fasting, maintaining two meals per day, cycling through the program phases, controlled eating, constantly adjusting my food choices to maintain a diverse diet, making healthier decisions overall, and staying within 3 pounds of my goal weight.

Tieva: That’s fantastic, Sharon. It’s clear you’ve incorporated these habits into your daily routine. How has your life transformed since you made these changes in your eating habits?

Sharon: Every single thing! I now have so much more energy, and my mobility has significantly improved. I’ve even had to part ways with most of my old clothes because I’ve dropped several sizes.

Tieva: That’s truly inspiring, Sharon. Now, in terms of your weight and overall body function, how do things compare to when you initially began the program?

Sharon: I’m proud to say that I’ve successfully maintained my weight since graduating from the program. It feels really rewarding. The knee pain that used to trouble me is completely gone, and I can navigate stairs without any difficulty. I’m also working with a trainer to continue making further improvements.

Tieva: Your dedication to your well-being is truly paying off. If you were to offer advice to a family member who’s struggling with inflammation and weight gain, what would you tell them about your experience with the program and your journey?

Sharon: I’d simply tell them, “Just do it.” The program has been incredible in showing me how significant changes can be achieved through incorporating whole foods and following a well-structured and science-based plan.

Tieva: I am sure you have become a wonderful advocate for our program and an inspiration to those you know. On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your overall experience with our program?

Sharon: I’d without a doubt give it a 10!

Tieva: That’s fantastic to hear, Sharon. Your journey is a testament to your commitment and hard work. Thank you for sharing your insights and experiences with us. It’s been a pleasure to catch up with you.