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Doreen before and after weight loss

Where Are They Now? Installment 3: Doreen

Doreen is a proud graduate of our 90-Day Weight Loss Program who successfully reached her health and weight loss goals with us eight months ago.

Prior to completing our program, she tried various diets but found it difficult to achieve long-lasting results. That was until she found a weight loss program that suited her lifestyle and provided her with the necessary tools and support to succeed.

During the program, Doreen learned about healthy eating habits using whole-natural foods. She worked closely with her coach who provided her with tailored advice and support throughout her weight loss journey. Once she reached her target weight, Doreen continued to apply the principles she learned in the program to her daily life and made sustainable lifestyle changes. She also stayed connected with the program’s community to stay motivated, inspire new members, and share her post-program success.

Eight months later, she is proud to say that she has successfully maintained her weight loss results. She feels healthier, more confident, and has more energy to do the things she loves. She knows that maintaining her weight loss will be a lifelong journey, but she is committed to living a healthy, balanced life and inspiring others to do the same.

We asked her a few questions about her experience:

How long has it been since you completed your program?

I completed the program 8 months ago.

What components have you kept after graduation?

I continue to try and eat healthy! I do daily meal plans and log my food. I continue to weigh in, although not every single day! I drink plenty of water adding real lemon juice. I also find that journaling helps me stay on track. I still watch what foods are fat burners for me. If my weight goes up a couple of pounds I use a plateau breaker from the program.
Doreen before and after weight loss

How has your life changed since you’ve changed the way you eat?

I feel GREAT! I move easier, and I love my size 10 pants! My asthma seems under better control.

How is your weight and body function today in comparison to when you started?

I am maintaining my weight using the tools from the program. I was 136 when I ended the program and today, 6 months later, I am 131 lbs. My weight fluctuates between 129-131! I move easier and although not part of the program, I continue to do my minute planks and my morning 6-10 mile bike rides.

If you had a family member that was struggling with inflammation and weight gain what would you say about the program and your journey?

I just love this program! It helped me to eat healthy and learn about my body and what foods are fat burners for me. I was NEVER hungry or felt cravings during this program and the weight just fell off! “Do this program for yourself! You won’t regret it!”

On a scale of 1-10 what number accurately describes your experience with us?

15+ I super love this program and my results! The coaching, their knowledge, and their support are beyond belief and expectations!