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Weight Loss Program

Weight Loss Program

Most Americans are struggling with their weight, and for some, it’s been a lifelong journey. Are you suffering from inflammation and weight gain, or have you lost weight in the past just to put it all right back on? Whether you’re battling obesity or fighting to lose 10-30lbs, we have a plan for you. Our weight loss program was created to help change your metabolic pathways to activate ketosis (fat burning) and remove the toxins from your diet and body. We have tested this program on women in menopause, men over 40, women over 50, and teenagers, and the results show that this program works for everyone.

If you’re ready to change your mindset regarding food and dieting, reach your weight loss goals, and finally shed those unwanted pounds, contact us to set up your free weight loss consultation.

What are the benefits of weight loss?

Our team at Ciccone Chiropractic and Wellness Center makes weight loss an important part of our practice because of its many health benefits. Losing weight not only makes shopping for clothes more fun, but it also:

Do I need to follow a strict diet?

Our health professionals have a 91% success rate with their weight loss program because we’ve developed a science-based and tested eating plan just for you that includes all-natural whole foods that activate a metabolic reset.

It’s estimated that more than 90% of people who lose weight following a diet plan gain it back. Diets fail because they don’t consider your individual biology and metabolism. Typical diets are not a one-size-fits-all approach like many claims to be.

Our team creates an eating plan that not only helps you shed the weight, but also resets your metabolic rate (the rate at which your body burns calories) while controlling hunger.

Do I have to exercise?

The holistic weight-loss plan that our team creates for you, based on your unique biological and metabolic needs, may include exercise. When you follow the weight loss plan, you will have access to professionals who understand the mechanics of the body, as well as individual physical and fitness limitations.

You may or may not be ready for intense or even moderate exercise at the beginning of your plan, and that’s okay! You can start as small as going for short daily walks, and as you progress through your plan our coaches will advise you on how to increase your exercise activity to further support your weight loss goals.

If you’re ready to stop losing and regaining weight over and over again, then this is the plan for you! We want you to control your health and wellness, and we provide the tools you need to succeed.

To learn more about the center’s weight loss program, call the office to book your consultation.