Where are they now? Debbie's Journey to Sustainable Weight Loss

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Debbie before and after weight loss

Where are they now? Installment 16: Debbie’s Journey to Sustainable Weight Loss

Coach Malory: I have been incredibly excited to interview you and share your weight loss journey update! I’ve enjoyed watching you continue to progress post-graduation. Your determination is incredibly inspiring and I cannot wait to see just how far you go! Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions. I think it’s a wonderful look into the program and what life beyond it may be. Let’s start!

How long has it been since you completed your program?

Debbie: It’s been three months since I completed the program. I’ve continued to follow the final phase of the program called Cycling, and I have continued to have success. To date, I’ve burned 80 lbs and a total of 72.5 inches off my body!

Coach Malory: What were the key factors that motivated you to join our weight loss program?

Debbie: There were several compelling reasons behind my decision to join your weight loss program. Firstly, I was awarded a full scholarship to pursue my graduate studies to become a licensed mental health counselor. Recognizing that this journey would span three years with the additional time needed for licensure, I realized the importance of prioritizing my health, especially as I’m approaching retirement age and do not plan to retire on time.

Additionally, the unexpected passing of my partner due to a stroke, made me reevaluate my health and stroke risk and prompted me to take proactive steps toward improving my well-being. While I had struggled with my weight for most of my adult life, I put on a significant amount as I went through the grieving process. Receiving the scholarship gave me a new lease on life. I want to live my life in a way that will honor his memory. My partner had aspirations of establishing a nonprofit to support at-risk youth, a dream I’m committed to fulfilling in his memory. I have a long road ahead of me and I know I must be in my best health to accomplish that.

Coach Malory: Can you share with us your overall experience with the 90-day anti-inflammatory weight loss program?

Debbie: Unlike previous attempts to lose weight, where I experienced temporary success followed by weight regain, this program has equipped me with tools for long-term success.

For the first time, I’ve gained insights into identifying foods that promote fat-burning for my body and those that trigger inflammation. Learning this information is empowering me to make informed dietary choices tailored to my individual needs of continuing my weight loss journey and eventually maintaining my goal weight —an aspect I’ve struggled with in the past.

Coach Malory: How has your life changed since you’ve changed the way you eat and view food?

Debbie: I’ve experienced a notable increase in energy levels, which has been remarked upon by colleagues who’ve noticed a “pep in my step” as I navigate our work campus.

Additionally, there’s been a distinct shift in my overall mood—I find myself feeling happier and more optimistic about my future. This renewed sense of hope has brought about increased confidence.

I’ve also noticed improved focus and clarity of mind, helping me to tackle work and school tasks and responsibilities.

Coach Malory: How is your weight and body function today in comparison to when you started?

Debbie: I’m experiencing improved sleep quality, now able to sleep through the night without interruption.

Physically, I feel more energized and I’ve noticed a significant reduction in breathlessness when navigating stairs or tackling steep inclines.

Looking ahead, I’m excited about the prospect of engaging in activities like mountain climbing once the weather warms up!

Coach Malory: Have there been any unexpected benefits or outcomes from following the program’s guidelines?

Debbie: Yes, experiencing uninterrupted sleep throughout the night was truly surprising, particularly considering my increased fluid intake. Previously, I frequently woke up multiple times during the night and struggled to fall back asleep, so achieving restful sleep was a welcome and unexpected outcome.

Furthermore, I’ve noticed a significant change in my food preferences. During our annual Christmas Eve gathering, my mother observed that I no longer gravitated toward unhealthy snacks like potato chips.

Coach Malory: Have you maintained your weight loss and health improvement successes?

Debbie: Yes, I have not only continued my weight loss but continue to see ongoing successes. Today, I learned that my visceral fat level has decreased once again. I Initially started at a concerning level of 21, which put me at risk for various health complications including fatty liver disease, heart disease, and cancer, I’ve successfully reduced it to a much healthier level of 10! I know I can get that number even lower

Coach Malory: How did our program equip you with the knowledge and tools needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle beyond the program’s duration?

Debbie: The program’s structured approach, with its phased progression, equipped me with the lessons and knowledge necessary to sustain a healthy lifestyle. The final phase, in particular, has proven to be effective and easy to maintain.

One of the most significant factors contributing to this sustainability is the fact that I love the foods I’m eating. I’m satisfied with my meals and don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything. Once I hit my goal weight I plan to experiment with healthier versions of my favorite foods, such as a healthy pizza option and I’ll continue to enjoy it in moderation, ensuring that my lifestyle remains balanced and sustainable.

Coach Malory: What do you think sets our program apart from other programs?

Debbie: What sets your program apart from others is its recognition that weight loss is not a one-size-fits-all journey. Your program acknowledges and celebrates the uniqueness of each individual’s body and how it responds differently to various foods.

Coach Malory: How did you feel about the weekly coaching sessions and daily support from your designated coach?

Debbie: I cannot overstate the impact of the weekly coaching sessions and daily support from my designated coach—it truly made the program for me. Without this personalized guidance and accountability, I doubt I would have remained as committed.

The weekly sessions provided guidance and support through each phase of the program. My coach took the time to review my daily food journals, identifying patterns and helping me learn which foods were beneficial “burners” for my body and which ones triggered inflammation. This personalized attention was instrumental in optimizing my progress.

Moreover, knowing that I could reach out to my coach at any time for assistance or clarification was incredibly reassuring. Even though I’ve graduated from the program, I take comfort in the fact that I can still rely on her expertise and support whenever needed through the private online support group.

Coach Malory: As a program graduate, what advice would you give to someone who is struggling with inflammation and weight gain and just starting their weight loss journey with hopes to achieve long-term success like you?

Debbie: First and foremost, I recommend weighing yourself daily. While the scale can be intimidating, it serves as a powerful tool for tracking progress and maintaining motivation. Additionally, keeping a detailed food journal can provide valuable insights into your eating habits and help identify areas for improvement.

Meal preparation is key to staying on track, particularly in situations where healthy options may be limited. Take the time to plan your meals ahead of time, considering your schedule and any potential obstacles. If you anticipate being on the go, pack portable, nutritious snacks or meals that don’t require heating. When dining out, review the menu in advance and come prepared with alternatives, such as homemade salad dressing, to ensure you have healthy options readily available.

Coach Malory: On a scale of 1-10 what number accurately describes your experience with us?

Debbie: I give the program a perfect 10. My experience with it has been exceptional, and I regularly sing its praises to anyone who will listen. Seeing the remarkable results I’ve achieved firsthand, I am eager to share my success story with friends and family, hoping to inspire them to enroll in your program.