Where Are They Now? Installment 7: A Nurse’s Post-Weight Loss Program Update

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Karin after weight loss

Where Are They Now? Installment 7: A Nurse’s Post-Weight Loss Program Update

One of our favorite nurses, Karin, completed our weight loss program, and her progress has been remarkable. She recently sat down with her weight loss coach, Tieva, to discuss her post-program experience and the positive changes she has embraced. Karin’s dedication to maintaining a healthier lifestyle has not only impacted her well-being but also influenced her entire family. Let’s dive into her journey and discover the transformative power of this program.

Tieva: Welcome back! How long has it been since you completed your program?

Karin: Thank you! It’s been almost three months since I completed the program.

Tieva: Can you share which program components you have kept in your routine after graduation?

Karin: I’ve kept every single aspect of the program! From delicious and nutritious foods, including healthy fats, carb days, to cycling through the different phases of the program based on what my body needs.

Tieva: How has changing your eating habits affected your life?

Karin: It has had a profound impact on my entire family. We now make better choices when eating out and food tastes completely different to me now. It’s like my taste buds have been renewed! Before, I used to crave sugar, but now anything overly sweet is just too much. Previously, pasta was a staple in our daily meals, but now we have replaced it with spaghetti squash, which we all love. My refrigerator is always stocked with fresh veggies, and I always keep dates handy for snacking.

Tieva: That’s amazing! How has your weight and overall body function improved from when you first started?

Karin: I couldn’t be happier with the results. I have continued to lose weight even after graduating from the program and I can now fit into my daughter’s jeans! Not only that, but I feel so much better overall. I sleep through the night and my brain function has improved significantly. It’s truly been a positive transformation.

Tieva: That’s amazing, Karin!  If you were to advise a family member who is struggling with inflammation and weight gain, what would you say about your journey and the impact of this program?

Karin: Join, Join, Join! I firmly believe that food has the power to change everything. As a nurse, I’ve witnessed patients suffering unnecessarily, relying on medications when simple changes in their diet could be a solution. Food is medicine!

Tieva: That’s a powerful message! On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your experience with the program?

Karin: Without a doubt, a 10 out of 10! I absolutely love this program and everything it has done for me.