Where are they now? Installment 13: Tina 6 Months Later

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Tina 6 months post wellness program

Where are they now? Installment 13: Tina 6 Months Later

Malory recently had the privilege of reconnecting with her client, Tina, six months post-completion of the weight loss program. She was eager to delve into how Tina has been maintaining her weight and health. When Tina initially joined the program, she grappled with arthritis pain, disrupted sleep, and persistent fatigue. However, upon graduation, Tina’s transformation was extraordinary – she became pain-free, eliminating the need for cortisone shots. Her sleep patterns underwent a significant improvement, shifting from restless nights to enjoying a solid 7-8 hours of restorative sleep. The enhancement in her overall health and well-being was truly remarkable. And let’s not overlook the incredible weight loss achievement – Tina shed an impressive 40.2 pounds, transitioning from a size 14 to a size 4! Malory sought to check in and gain insights into Tina’s current quality of life and sustained health benefits six months later.

Malory: Hi Tina, thank you for taking the time to share your journey with the Ciccone Wellness Center. Catching up with my clients post program is something I deeply look forward to. Let’s start with the basics. How long has it been since you completed the program?

Tina: It’s been an incredible 6 months since I graduated from the 90-day program.

Malory: Your time with me seemed to fly by and so have the last 6 months! I am so happy to have the chance to catch up with you now. Reflecting on the beginning, what were the key factors that motivated you to join our weight loss program?

Tina: Well, turning 60 was a significant factor. I wasn’t happy with my weight, lacked energy, and had knee inflammation that even a cortisone shot couldn’t fully address. I tried various approaches on my own and through other weight loss programs with no success. I came across Ciccone Wellness on Facebook, saw inspiring success stories, including ones from those I personally knew, and decided to give it a chance after learning more about the program through my consultation.

Malory: I know what a pivotal decision this was for you by deciding to make yourself a priority. Now, how has your life changed since you’ve changed the way you eat and view food?

Tina: The program taught me that food and the scale aren’t enemies but guides. I’ve learned to make food choices that work for my body and enjoy cooking and grocery shopping. I’ve embraced taking selfies and no longer dislike having my photo taken. I often share my journey through photos on Facebook, and this year’s Christmas card included pictures from our family cruise to Bermuda! One was even of me in a bathing suit!

Malory: I love the increase of self-confidence in you! How is your weight and body functioning today compared to when you started?

Tina: I’ve learned the importance of a good night’s sleep, and as a result, I have more energy, healthier skin and hair, and haven’t needed further cortisone shots. Overall, I’m a much happier person now.

Malory: Maintaining such success is remarkable. Have you been able to sustain your weight loss and health improvements?

Tina: Absolutely. I started the program nine months ago weighing 169 lbs. and I’ve maintained a weight loss of approximately 40 lbs. I currently weigh 132 lbs and I’ve found a weight range that works and feels good for me.

Malory: That’s impressive. How did our program equip you with the knowledge and tools needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle beyond its duration?

Tina: The program gave me the confidence to continue maintaining my weight range by providing me with the nutrition knowledge and tools acquired throughout the program. My family also benefits from the easy, delicious recipes shared in the group, making cooking less stressful and more enjoyable than before. They love the food I make and the ease of food planning, prepping, and cooking makes it easier to maintain my weight loss.

Malory: As a program graduate, what advice would you give to someone starting their weight loss journey?

Tina: My advice to anyone starting this journey is first, good for you for making this decision for yourself! If you give it 100%, you will succeed beyond your expectations! In only 90 days, you are going to change your life! You matter, and you deserve it!

Malory: Watching you bloom from the doubtful new client into the determined and successful one was inspiring! I know you want that for others. If you had a family member struggling with inflammation and weight gain, what would you say about the program and your journey?

Tina: I’d emphasize that it’s not just a “diet” but a real change in how, when, and what you eat. Results are visible within the first two weeks, and in 90 days, I lost 38.2 lbs. and a total of 37 inches! This is the last program you’ll ever need.

Malory: On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your experience with Ciccone Wellness?

Tina: Off the charts! I still continue to get emotional when I talk about this Program. This was the best decision I ever made for myself! I want to thank my coach Malory Jimenez, Ciccone Wellness and all the clients in the group for the support we give each other as we go through this journey together. You are never alone!