Where Are They Now? Installment 9: A Mother-Daughter Journey to Health and Empowerment »

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Aurea and Damaris after weight loss

Where Are They Now? Installment 9: A Mother-Daughter Journey to Health and Empowerment

Allow us to reintroduce two remarkable individuals, Aurea and Damaris. This mother-daughter duo embarked on a transformative journey with our weight loss program, charting a course toward a healthier life. Their shared commitment to well-being was sparked by Daisy, Aurea’s daughter and Damaris’ sister, who had previously completed our program, setting the stage for their own inspiring transformations.

Five months have passed since they graduated from the program, and they recently sat down with their dedicated weight loss coach, Tieva, to catch up on their post-program experiences.

Tieva: As you reflect on your journey, which key elements have you integrated into your lives after completing the program?

Damaris: I’ve continued intermittent fasting, maintaining a routine of two meals a day. Occasionally, I join my husband for breakfast. Additionally, I continue to incorporate the valuable program phases I learned.

Aurea: I’ve continued to apply the final phase of the program daily, structuring my days according to my goals. My focus remains on nourishing my body while staying committed to proper hydration.

Demaris before and after weight loss
Aurea before and after weight loss

Tieva: How has your new approach to eating influenced other aspects of your lives?

Damaris: Everything has changed! I have so much energy, food doesn’t control me anymore, and I’ve adopted a new perspective on life. I’m happier, more optimistic, and more confident. Even shopping has become enjoyable now!

Aurea: I’ve gained a sense of security, my energy has increased, eliminated the need for medications, my heartburn is gone, and most importantly, achieved restful sleep.

Tieva: When comparing your present well-being and body functionality to when you began, what differences stand out?

Damaris: In the past, even a short walk left me exhausted and in pain. Today, I walk two miles daily with ease, climb stairs without losing breath, and have been shedding weight consistently since graduating—I’m now down 65 pounds, and it feels amazing!

Aurea: I’m pleased to report that I’ve successfully maintained my accomplishments. Recently returning from vacation with a slight weight gain, I promptly applied one of the program tools and nearly shed it all. The confidence in my newfound knowledge is truly empowering.

Damaris and Aurea after weight loss

Tieva: If you were offering guidance to a family member grappling with inflammation and weight concerns, what would you convey about the program and your personal journey?

Damaris: Join right now! Change your life for the better! The program offers abundant food options, allowing you to have your favorites in moderation and without guilt. Even while on vacation, a few pounds gained are easily managed—I’m in the driver’s seat and it feels so good!

Aurea: The program is a lifesaver. Three of us in the family have done the program and I would tell anyone that has weight gain and inflammation to just do it! 

Tieva: On a scale of 1-10 what number accurately describes your experience with us?

Damaris: 100! The program is amazing!

Aurea: 11! The program is amazing