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Stool Testing

Let’s talk poop!

Before we begin, let’s get all of the jokes out now.  Go ahead, really clear the air.  Most people know squat about poop.  There are several factors at play when it comes to sustaining a healthy gut.  Since the advent of germ theory, it seems that every time there is a mention in the news about an emergence of viruses, bacteria, or parasites people go insane and buy all of the sterilizing agents and wipe down everything.  The goal is to kill everything that’s not human.  This logic is inherently flawed when you realize that there are FAR more cells of bacteria within your body than there are cells that make up your body.  The figures out there range up to 90% bacteria to 10% human by ratio of number of cells.  That’s a lot of cells that aren’t yours!  To put that into perspective, if I served you a roast beef sandwich and it was 90% fecal matter, would you be willing to call that a roast beef sandwich?  (For some reason I feel the need to put a disclaimer in here to NOT EAT fecal matter.)    We are humans, and most of what makes us human are not human cells.  So weird!

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