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Enhancing your Bodys Biochemistry

Enhancing your Body’s Biochemistry

How your body processes chemicals will vary based on several factors.  If you have read the previous blogs, you may start to get an idea of how factors outside and inside your body can and will change your body’s preferences to retain water and fat while causing you to be bloated and gassy.  What about if all of those factors happen to be optimal?  Hormone analysis is generally a great next step to unlocking the mysteries of your signs and symptoms.  There is one more hang up though, do you know where a good portion of hormones are processed and converted?  Your liver.

This metaphor might be a little extreme, but if you went home to a clogged sink or toilet, you wouldn’t first call an excavation company to replace your septic system or sewer line.  Yes, it is on the list of items to troubleshoot, but it’s not the first thing on the list.  If we’re looking at a one-way system (such as the gut) we start from the source, and work our way down.  The first thing we’ll do is try to plunge the drain.  If that doesn’t work then we’ll snake the line if the blockage is further down.  Calling a plumber might be the next step at this stage.  Only then, if they admit defeat, you to call the excavation company.  This is exactly why we treat patients in this manner.  If we started with addressing hormones we will most-likely be heading down the wrong path and treating patients in the manner that traditional western medicine would address it.  If you have high blood pressure, it’s not because you have a lisinopril deficiency.

The last step before addressing hormones with us is making sure that your liver is functioning properly.  As I mentioned before, the liver is responsible for converting a large portion of hormones, including thyroid and sex hormones.  If we can clear the gut and the liver and ensure proper function of all of these systems, and there are still some symptoms present, we order a hormone test.  Only then will we get an accurate picture of what your hormone balance is and can address them more specifically.

If you want to get started on your Wellness Journey today, make sure to contact us and we can chat about what that will look like.