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Nutrition: The-Building-Blocks-of-the-Body

Nutrition: The Building Blocks of the Body

This may sound like a ridiculous question, but would you ever think to build a skyscraper out of twigs and mud?  I’m not one to put a limit on possibilities, but twigs and mud are not the ideal building materials for a skyscraper, a tall building, or even a large house.  Let’s face it, we all live on Earth and from time to time it rains (enter metaphor).  When it inevitably rains, your house of twigs and mud will lose its structural integrity and come crashing down.

What does this have to do with your body?  Well, for your body to obtain optimal structural integrity and metabolic function you must give it the building materials that it needs.  Take for example calcium; almost everyone knows that calcium is a major component to build healthy and strong bones (if you didn’t know that, you’ve learned something today!).  What you probably didn’t know is that because bone is a living tissue with living cells, these cells will use whatever is available to them with a similar enough chemical structure/function to continue their existence.  For example, in tissue sample analysis of humans exposed to lead, it is found that bone cells will use lead in addition to or in the absence of calcium to build bone.  Crazy, right?

As it turns out, it’s not really all that far-fetched.  Have you ever been on your own seemingly in the middle of nowhere having to problem-solve or fix something using only what resources were available to you at the time?  Don’t lie.  Most of us in such a situation are thankful for duct tape and wire coat hangers.  Imagine if you had the exact components, the right tools, and an ideal environment.  The fix would be easier, quicker, and last a lot longer.  Instead you’re driving a ’96 Camry that has 323,602 miles with an exhaust system patched using coffee cans and twisty-ties.  Asking $1,500 by the way…