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Our advice for a healthier lifestyle

New Year, New You? Our advice for a healthier lifestyle

Here’s what I know about myself:

I like convenience

If I have good options, I will choose healthy, more often than not

If I enjoy it, I will do it

If it makes me feel good, I’m more likely to continue to do it

What does all of that mean when it comes to, healthy weight loss for example? It means that I need to understand how and what is the easiest way to do something that is HARD for me. If I want to be successful, I need to set myself up for success. Understanding how to create a plan around the things you know about yourself is important. A lot of people try to fit into someone else’s plan, and it doesn’t often work. Or it will work for the short term and then you’re looking for a new plan. Been there? I know I have.

The first place I always start when I’m wanting to lose weight, feel better, get in better shape, or do anything better for that matter is FOOD. What, when and most importantly- why am I eating? We all know that food is fuel but it’s also a routine, something we control, and something that fills us in so many ways!

The one thing that’s become abundantly clear to me over the years, is that what’s worked in my 20’s and 30’s no longer works in my 40’s! I used to be able to do an intermittent fast and lose 10lbs. I’ve had diets based on the type of workouts I’ve done. High impact cardio and Paleo worked wonders for keeping me strong and lean…in my 30’s. But what happens when you’re unable to do the high impact anymore, because your knees have decided those days are over? It’s all about understanding where you are today. As I coast into the back half of my 40’s, workouts look a little different. They’re slower, less intense and based more on what I know my body can do and handle. I listen to my body now. I also compromise with myself a lot more. For instance, if there’s a day that I’m struggling to get to the gym, I will change the routine. I always have a backup routine that I don’t hate as much as the rest of them-it’s my go to for when I don’t want to do anything. I cut myself a break and do something I would rather do. At least I’m doing something on a day where I would have done nothing!

I find the one thing that has always worked through the years for me, is food prepping and planning. If I take the time to plan my meals for the week, I put far more thought into what I’m consuming. I can create a good balance of the things I want to eat and the things I know I should eat. If on Sunday, I make chicken and vegetables, I know that I have lunch for the rest of the week and I have no excuse to grab something while I’m out. Most of my poor choices happen when I’m hungry and unprepared. Meal prepping for me is the foundation for weight loss- everything starts there. Then it’s about the food that I’m prepping- it must be something that I like, is easy to make and will last for most of the week. I fail when I’m unprepared, really this applies to most things in my life! 

So as you start thinking about your plan for the best version of yourself, take a minute and ask yourself the same kind of questions- what will work for you? What do you know about yourself and what can you modify and maintain? What does YOUR personal plan look like? Once you have your plan in place and you’re working it, remember that even the slightest step in the right direction is a win and a motivator! Keep going and going and going and on that day when you don’t want to go….have a back up plan! 

We’re all in this fight for better health together so reach out to any of us if you need ideas, support or just a bit of inspiration!