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Conditioning thoughts

As a 46-year-old woman it amazes me what we’ve been conditioned to believe about our bodies. I fell into that trap last year when I gained fifteen pounds in a very short amount of time. My brain was saying “You’re at that age now.” My entire life I’ve heard the stories, read articles, seen advertisements, and listened to my elders talk about what happens after 40. The big turning point and clearly the point of no return!

As I watched the number on the scale go up, I felt my determination start to go down. Even though I’ve always been a healthy and active person, I started to get comfortable in a place I was so uncomfortable. I felt different in my skin, my bloating was horrible, and I was preparing for the worst. It’s funny how we just settle for where we are sometimes. It’s not so funny that most of that comes from being told something repeatedly and then believing it.

I started our Optiburn program 6 weeks ago. My focus was to lose the extra weight but what happened was greater than that. I gained my freedom back from all of the labels, stories and other things that had molded the way I was starting to view myself. I stopped believing that the weight couldn’t come off or that I just had to accept the bloating, fatigue, and uncomfortableness. The control was back in my hands, and it feels incredible. So much power comes with your thoughts! After only a short amount of time my view of food had changed, not because of the weight loss but because of the way my body was responding. After 6 weeks I feel great, my joint pain is gone, my self-confidence is back and my drive for change is strong.

It’s unfair the untruths that we’ve been told and it’s also unfair to pass them along. We can be something different and amazing at any age. We can change our own mindset, take responsibility for our own health, and create the change for other women around us. Challenge yourself to create a new standard, a new place where you feel good and a place that you’re proud to be. Come join me it feels amazing!