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Yeydi Jimenez

My Weight Loss Journey

If I’m honest, before joining the Ciccone Weight Loss Program, I made several attempts to diet. I dislike using the term “diet” because I used it lightly and was fully aware that I was not committed and didn’t have the discipline and self-control required to see results. In 2018, I tried Keto and was successful

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Cathy Otocka

Lifelong Lessons

What originally brought you to us? What made you decide to partner with us on your wellness/weight loss journey? I had a previous relationship with the team at Ciccone Family Chiropractic and Wellness Center.   I was just coming to the realization that things with my diet and weight had gotten away from me over

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Jane Shattuck

My Wellness Journey

My wellness journey at Ciccone Chiropractic & Wellness Center began almost a year ago. I had spent the previous thirteen years raising a family and working on my doctoral degree. Seven years in, my beloved aunt was diagnosed with cancer. It was time to keep the promise I had made to her some twenty years

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Aloe Vera Juice

Historically, aloe has been predominantly used on the skin to aid with healing, but in more recent times it is being used more frequently for its lesser-known beneficial effects on the gut and metabolism.  Inflammatory Bowel Diseases, such as Ulcerative Colitis, have been shown to improve with regular consumption of aloe with statistical significance (see

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The Slow Start to Fasting

The Slow Start to Fasting

We get a lot of questions from patients regarding the topic of fasting. What exactly is fasting, and what does it do? If you Google “fasting” you’ll find that there’s enough information out there to completely overwhelm you. Explained as simply as possible, fasting in any form is just the absence of food and drink.

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